Ask Brian: CBD, Bloodwork, and more!

6 Dec 2019
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Your health and wellness questions answered by our Co-Director Brian Clement PhD, LN

I have read some articles that said the best thing a person can do for their health, wealth, the environment, their credit history, driving record, and, well, everything is to keep or buy the basic flip phone and go back to a natural way of living and just avoid all the fads and tech that have ruined people. My cousin is an audiologist and said no one should shove anything in or cover their ears with headphones unless they want to make her rich when they need hearing aids at age 45. But this is what I see all the kids doing these days. What do you think? —Anonymous

I wish it was as simple as going back to traditional lifestyle patterns. If you were to abandon the use of all modern technology, you would still be continuously enveloped by it, even in the most remote areas of the world. Actually, using these modern devices sparingly with protection like our HHI pulse and 360 electronic protection technology may emotionally and psychologically enhance your life versus isolating yourself from others. We cannot stop the advancement of technology, but we can protect ourselves with EMF blocking devices and rid ourselves of toxic overload by the use of far-infrared saunas, exercise, and detoxifying supplements. Audiologists are now telling us the earbuds and other devices not only potentiate cancer but are more problematic than being at a loud concert. I would concur with your cousin’s declaration. –BC

Hi Brian, is it safe for a type 1 diabetic to take Meltaway? Thank you. –Leigh

Meltaway in its new form will be helpful without impacting type 1 diabetes, either positively or negatively. Weight reduction is always helpful with both type 1 and type 2 diabetic conditions. –BC

I have been bruising easily for the last couple of years. I went to a doctor and all my bloodwork looks normal they say. I continue to bruise. What do you think this is? —Anonymous

Over time, we have established that slow circulation, lack of whole food D vitamin, and thinning of skin are the major contributors to bruising. Additionally, consuming certain pharmaceuticals like anti-coagulates and platelet-reducing meds have been linked to bruising. Proper diet (we of course suggest a plant based option), supplementation, movement, and exercise have been found to be helpful in limiting this concern. –BC

I know CBD oil is all the rage right now and it’s on every corner, but how do we know if it’s good quality and effective? —Anonymous

Here at Hippocrates, we have been using CBD oil for several years. We have, of course, done our due diligence and have selected only the best options with sound scientific research supporting them. I would strongly advise that you should request similar information from any of the manufacturers you are considering. –BC

Is it safe for children who deal with apparent anxiousness or are highly energetic, to the point where most pediatricians would diagnose them as ADHD, to take Soulera? —Anonymous

Soulera contains adaptogens which help to regulate rather than force blood chemistry. It also amplifies the CBD oil that it contains, making it 270 per-cent more absorbable. We have seen this able to assist children and adults in calming, stabilizing, and permitting the brain to work with further clarity. –BC

Currently, I am watching (and learning) from the Real Truth about Health conference that was held in New York. Thank you for taking the time to invest your efforts with teaching in the conference. You made mention of the body detoxing between 11pm and 11am and not to eat before that time frame was completed. Do you have a reference you could share for that? I’ve been telling people this for years but have nothing tangible to show.

Also, is there a reference on your website for research hounds such as me to tap into?

Thanks again, you are much appreciated. —Rhonda Koon, CNHP, CNM, LDHS

Review information on Circadian rhythms and digestive system function. Combine this data from both, which will result in the body pushing out debris between 11pm and 11am. You may also want to look at the work by Dr. Longo at USC on intermittent fasting and how eating at night is problematic. In regard to references, there is not one reservoir but a multitude of references in all of our books, offerings, website, etc. My academic series “Food IS Medicine” is three volumes of published research I referenced to support the dietary and health foundations of the Hippocrates dietary lifestyle. –BC
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