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11 Jul 2023
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I believe in the ‘ Hippocrates ‘The Father of Medicine’ say i.e  ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food ‘. I went through the Hippocrates website thoroughly and my conscience said that I should go to the US and stay there and do the course. Then I saw the online course and I was on the seventh cloud that I can learn from home also. It was really fascinating and a lot to learn. As I am a Transformational Health coach already I thought it would add feathers on my cap,  and I will be a better coach. The course is in depth and it teaches you in all aspects :physical, mental and spiritual. None of the courses I could find covers all the aspects. I decided to take the course and I feel very lucky about getting the certificate from the institute.

The Hippocrates Lifestyle is indeed in the beginning tough to follow. I would be honest in this but not impossible. It taught me the most important thing that whatever you are putting in your mouth, be aware of it. Our body and our health is very costly. Human body is born to eat uncooked food.

When human life started on earth what did they consume as food? Definitely plant food. Our body can live healthily if we take a plant based diet. I am totally convinced by the Hippocrates Lifestyle and it has made a huge impact in my life also. I have started doing 16 hour fasting which is very important. I feel my body has become very light otherwise I would feel bloated very frequently. My acidity problem has been totally solved. I have stopped eating junk food as I used to, and once a week I have started eating sprouts and wheatgrass juice. I have stopped taking dairy products and I am totally a vegan now. Exercise is also part of my routine work. I have tried a few of the recipes which were very tasty and healthy. Growing sprouts is an art I would say which HW teaches perfectly. Sprouted foods are the most nutritious dense food on land, and therefore the best food for you all is land-based food. We should increase the amount of raw and living food into our diet to a minimum of 80% and to carefully select the remainder of the foods we eat. We should build the habit of eating sprouts at least 50% of each meal. I have learnt a lot; what to eat, when to eat, what not to eat, how to eat etc..

To be healthy it does not mean only physical health but mental health too. Now a days most of the people are stressed. Stress plays a most important role in the case of mental health. I believe that guided meditation helps in relieving stress. The word HOPE plays a vital role. Hormones, oxygen, phytochemicals, phytonutrients and enzymes are the four elements needed for optimum health. The HW  lifestyle and diet can keep your hormones in balance. Oxygen can be found in raw living food .Cooked food is devoid of oxygen. Therefore we should try eat non cooked plant based diet.

After food water plays a major part in our health. The earth’s ¾ part is water. Our body is 70 % water .Many chronic diseases take place as most of the people are dehydrated. But sadly most of the water is contaminated and we should very wisely choose our water purifying methods. I came to know in the course about EZ (exclusion zone) water, which is negatively charged and creates an electrical charge, even within our cells, that is integral for body function. Alkaline substances are negatively charged and acidic substances are positively charged. The more negatively charged we are, the better our health. The HW diet says that we should drink 4 oz. of wheatgrass daily which is optimal and life giving. By fasting on green juice 1 day a week or 52 days a year and doing this over a 7 year period, one will fast for a total of 364 days. Every 7 years cells replace themselves! It's great if we can follow this. Fasting and detoxification makes our body balanced.

I never believed in taking medical supplements. As all are synthetic and chemical based. Historically, supplements were mostly made from whole foods but over time more and more supplements have synthetic ingredients to the point where now about 90% are synthetic. Our mineral level in the body comes from the food we consume and that is totally dependent on the minerals present in the soil. But it is ironic today that most soils contain inadequate mineral levels due to soil erosion and poor farming practices. There comes the organic food. Before taking the course I never thought of organic food. But as in India due to the number of population we cannot even believe that as we don’t know is it purely organic or not. Therefore it’s better to grow our own food if possible or sprouts is the easiest thing to grow. In the course I learnt about natural supplements. Probiotics, B12, blue green algae superfoods like Spirulina, E3 live and Chlorella are one of the best sources of many macro and micronutrients on this earth. I am going to buy this from the HW store after this pandemic situation.

Here the medical doctors prescribe supplements based on fish oil. But plant based Omega 3’s like flax, chia and hemp seed are far superior to fish oils which are both rancid and loaded with heavy metals .I have started taking chia and flax seeds now. Thanks to HW. Learnt about the  glutathione low levels in the body can actually cause inflammation and disease and glutathione supplementation should be considered as a key player in building immunity.

It was good to know about detoxification and elimination . The GI tract refers to 5 r’s to the proper process of healing the GI tract: remove, replace, repair, repopulate and rebalance. I learnt that wheatgrass juice can be used for detoxifying the colon. It was very astonishing for me but now I feel great. I also went to the sauna but it was not infrared but was relaxing.  I also learnt that seaweed has a high concentration of minerals from seawater itself and should be looked at as a basic food for all life. Each of us is carrying the seawater heritage inside our bodies from our tears to our blood, lymph and all the fluids in our body. Therefore we should try taking these supplements for a healthy body.

I would be very honest in accepting that from the HW course my thinking has changed and now I am true believer of “Make your own food and grow your own food”. I used to buy very rare packed foods when travelling but now totally stopped and have started buying organic vegetables and seeds. When I am purchasing anything I always see the ingredients it has within. I have stopped giving my son cornflakes. My son who is 15 years old does not take any kind of dairy products and my husband is religiously following intermittent fasting. We all have become a vegan family and this is an achievement for us as we are Indians. I feel this is the major impact after doing the HW course.

Our mother earth needs contribution from all of us to sustain .You see charity begins at home. We all should ensure that our children should have good eating habits and they all eat plant based and vegan food. This will help in decreasing the amount of consumption of meat and dairy products. Animal slaughtering is a major concern. Most of the land in the world is used in animal food products making in comparison to plant based food. Animal agriculture uses so much fresh water that it is expected within the next 14 years to be a major contributor to massive shortages of fresh water globally. We should make minimum waste and nil use of plastic products. Our oceans are crying with the plastics. Our body knows the vibration of what we’re eating as we are vibratory beings. Metaphysical toxins are present when eating slaughtered animals. Concentrated vibrations of terror, grief, and desperation are passed along and humans, in turn, act out these vibrations.

We should stop burning forests so that the animal kingdom is safe and our ecosystem is healthy. Water contamination should be stopped with immediate effect. For global health we should create an environment where good health does not only mean bodily but mentally and spiritually. Since childhood I have made my son do meditation with me and it really helps in eternal peace. We all should follow the Ahimsa what Gandhi taught us. We need to make a conscious effort to look ahead at what might grow from our current actions. If possible, if a right coach is there in our life it becomes easy to follow.

The most effective authentic and honest communication is your behaviour of listening and coaching. Reflect active listening and understanding of client’s perspective. To be honest and love your work and love your client. For this we have to be in love with ourselves first and then the person to whom we are coaching. Asking powerful questions and avoiding judgements. Every person is special in its own way. The most important thing is to clear ourselves from within and make ourselves pure  before coaching others. We should learn acceptance. Accepting anger, denial, confusion, depression and crisis. We should stop blaming others and ourselves. Learn from our mistakes and there should be no space for any kind of guilt. It makes us feel low. This will make us more polished and increase our confidence.

The best way to live your life is to be honest with yourself as we can lie to others but not to ourselves. The practice of a Daily Habit tracker is required. A proper log should be maintained. The key to best health is regular exercise daily. It should include yoga and meditation. I regularly follow mental cleaning before sleep and forgive. With this regularity my morning is always fresh and positively charged. I always recommend a sense of gratitude should be the first thing once you get up in the morning followed by your regular activities. We should value all our relationships. Upkeep honour and respect others  feelings and emotions. Some things in our life can be normal for us but abnormal for others. It depends on the person’s perseverance. Abstract values such as kindness, freedom or mindfulness plays an important role in life. We should feel safe wherever we are.  A sense of security gives us the feeling of completeness. 

HW made my love towards raw and living food and I am trying my level best to follow it. Morning sprouts have become my daily routine. Nuts and almond milk helps me to feel full and good.

Currently I am exercising 4 days a week for a full 30 mins in which I become breathless and sweat a lot. I am doing Yoga asanas of Swami Ramdev who is very famous in India. Regular meditation has been a part of my life for 8 years. Stretching is a part of my daily activity.

My plans for a mentor are as follow:

I have been the Co-founder of an NGO, Global cancer Trust since 2010. It aims to dissuade students and youth from tobacco consumption of any form through regular events and seminars in their schools, colleges and organizations. I have already done 250 awareness sessions and have touched lots of lives. I have done seminars in the army of India and have done Breast self examination coaching for women and the police. On 5th December 2020, I am doing a coaching and female breast cancer awareness session for 200 police women and explaining to them the importance of a plant based diet. Recently I conducted a session for Leukaemia children and their parents. It's a chain process. I give them some brochures and tell each one of them to share at least 10 people and those again will share further 10 more. This way we can reach the masses. We also aim to spread the message of a tobacco free society and a healthy lifestyle approach by conducting similar awareness activities.

It was great doing the HW course. I learned a lot about food, lifestyle, exercise, mentoring, and coaching. All life comes from the sun. We all are energetic. There is a law of attraction. I believe it religiously. What you think you become. Thanks to Brian, Anna Maria, Tony ,Jennifer, all of the teachers and professors all over the world.


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