How to Embrace Transformative Beliefs

18 Jun 2021
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by Cris Hamilton

HHI Online completion essay by Cris Hamilton April 26, 2021 I have been co-hosting raw food potlucks for my community with my partner since 2012 when we met at a raw food meetup in Marin county. Having been a vegan for 15 years and vegetarian for the previous 30 years, I thought my lifestyle as a vegan was a healthy one. My partner’s raw food background and her understanding of life force inherent in living food introduced me to the work of Hippocrates Wellness and Gabriel Cousen’s Tree of Life. I have met Gabriel, Brian Clement and Will Tuttle on multiple occasions and at their speaking engagements in the San Francisco area.

When I learned about the Online program I was inspired to take a deeper dive into this information to broaden my health consciousness, investigate ways to upgrade my mind/body/spirit with food, help others “let food be thy medicine”, and help protect animal and the life of the planet. Protecting animal life is high on my list of objectives. My further desire and goal is to segue into a new career at a time when our planet is obviously at a tipping point and losing its capacity to self-sustain. Humankind needs a less toxic way to heal and sustain itself. My decision to take the Hippocrates On-line Course appeared to me to be a win-win as well as an affordable investment!

The HHI Lifestyle and this program has impacted my life in many magical ways. Mentally, I now know I am addressing previously unknown weak spots in my diet and lifestyle. Having greater command and taking full responsibility for my wellness is mentally empowering. Knowing I am non-harming animals and adding to green house gases by my food consumption also allow more peace within.

Understanding the role of stress and how consciously observing thoughts and triggers is awareness I had prior to Hippocrates but can impact stress release with exercise, especially yoga and energy flow to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Humor is also helpful to mental well being. Physically, I enjoy more peak health and energy. I engage in more physical play, making time for long walks at the beach and hiking in forests since my work offers me plenty of stretching and weight lifting. I join my grandchildren on their trampoline making me a hip grand dude while getting a lymphatic workout at the same time.

I understand the importance of all five types of exercise. I now understand the exercise connection to a long list of benefits that include activating the lymphatic system, detoxification, stem cell activation, bone mass density, joint health, slowing down the release of stress-related hormones, improving circulation, increased life span and maintaining optimal weight. The hormone, oxygen, phytonutrient, enzymes and vitamins available in raw living food upgrades my body, my immunity and my vitality to be a better version of me. My cells literally have more life force and thrive in an alkaline environment. I am open to eating more sea vegetables rich in minerals, Calcium and Magnesium, Potassium and Iron as well as Iodine, amino acids and phytochemical. I have learned how to make raw salad dressings, soups, wraps and veggie spaghetti. I have also learned that there are many alternative therapies that can be used instead of more evasive mainstream procedures to diagnosis, treat and prevent physical maladies. These include oxygen therapy , infrared, biofeedback, vitamin therapy, aromatherapy and Essential oils, whole body dentistry, electromagnetic frequency therapy, Cyber Scan and Biowell testing (which I was able to find and test.) Colonics and Bion pads are other alternative therapies. Some of these therapies treat the whole body and not just the physical body. Emotionally, I can embrace growing older and enjoy being in a body knowing how to optimize my health. I agree with Einstein and John Wheeler that it more about how we observe the world and our expectations when we observe it that creates our reality.

Werner Heisenberg’s world of potentialities and Deepak Chopra’ Possibility Thinking: becoming the master of life force energy, is emotionally empowering. We are co-creators of our reality. Being connected with Source is a priority. Knowing I have a choice to choose a life of love and understand that my body will respond in kind is an emotional power. Knowing I can make environmental changes and changes in my beliefs to affect gene expression (Bruce Lipton) confirms why cellular biology based on germ theory is outdated and obsolete. I have much more power over my health than I previously thought possible. I do not need to choose to suffer or have negative emotions that impact my health and longevity. Having this knowledge provides sound emotional stability. There are tools available to minimize stress and find states of deep relaxation including the NuCalm technology, massage and mediation that transports one from the sympathetic to parasympathetic state of calm and rest.

Understanding that my beliefs unpin my emotions and my emotions are a guidance system to help me move away from negative energy and towards resilience helps me to pause and allow time for ease and time for insight into what triggers uncomfortable emotions. I continue to develop more awareness of my stress response that sometimes can be frozen and incapable of discharging stress—though much less frequently. I continue to develop my ability to move towards pleasure and love based on the HHI teachings on emotional mastery.

Since emotions are electrical and energetic in their nature, positive emotions can give me more vitality. I pursue the most aliveness! Spiritually, experiencing my connectedness to a greater power is evident through a process of living light sourced from the sun, absorbed through photosynthesis in plants, and available in living plants and spouted nuts and seeds. Bringing this light into me boosts my living light. From protons made in the sun to the protein made in plants, a higher order has devised an amazing system to sustain life on planet earth. Feeling no guilt or shame for taking part in the harming of sentient beings and living my life to rolemodel this to others is my daily spiritual practice.

I can honestly love the food that loves me back and radiate the energy it gifts to me. I have a deep sense of living in alignment with what I value and alignment with the natural plan that brings light into the human experience.

The Hippocrates Lifestyle and program have had a wonderful impact on my family. It has created a greater tether in my personal partnership with a woman who shares my beliefs and enthusiasm for this lifestyle. It has deepened our understanding and commitment to live and teach this material to others. I can align more clearly with her background in holist life coaching, as a Living Light Culinary Institute graduate and yoga instructor. Together we create a force of change that has inspired a resistant daughter to attend HHI and commit to change a dangerous lifestyle. The HHI lifestyle has not only informed a son but his wife and in-laws as well, guiding their dietary and exercise choices to produce both weight loss and improve conditions of pre-diabetes. These changes have occurred primarily by just observing the role modeling we provide by living this lifestyle and some food choice tips.

Happily, my beliefs have undergone a transformation to include the empowering belief that my health and life-force can continue to improve during years when many others my age experience disease and decline in their vitality. My new perspective, beliefs and knowledge can now support the health and transformation of my clients. I no longer hold my former belief that age is a declining proposition with mental and physical decline being a given.

My belief that EMFs are harmless has shifted to one that supports me in taking precautions and protection knowing we now live in an EMF soup. My previous belief that being vegan is enough to prevent disease has transformed to the understanding that eating primarily fresh living food has definitely shifted my diet .

My new beliefs that what makes food nutrient dense is based on its capacity to retain its content of oxygen, phytonutrients, enzymes, hormones, (HOPE) vitamins and minerals provided me a big shift from cooked vegan to raw vegan. I belief in the power of those sprouted sunflowers that line my kitchen counter providing me plenty of protein and alkalizing my body.

My new belief and understanding of the importance of drinking clean, activated water for adequate hydration replaced one that confused the sensation of thirst and hunger. Recognizing and appropriately addressing thirst gives hydration a greater priority and more conscious attention to prevent fatigue and the retention of toxins. I have purchased a water charging system, use a Water Wise distiller and a Multipure filtration system for the water I drink. My former belief that small amounts of toxic food was acceptable has shifted to one that has me reading the label ingredients in most everything I purchase not just for consumption but also for our living environment and personal hygiene. I now believe that Organic is a “must” and chemical or artificial additives are a definite “no”. My former beliefs and understanding of medical options has certainly expanded. I have been introduced to more options than I can count. Bioenergy is one of the most fascinating as it uses ordering vibrations to go beyond Newtonian physics and work directly with energy imbalances calling on quantum physics and the the resonance of life to heal the dissonance and interference of unhealthy cells. This appears to influence the spiritual body to heal the physical body as it works with subtle energy and the harmonics of life.

The financial costs resulting from constant shortcuts to leading a heathy lifestyle are considerable. They include unnecessary pain and disease, medical repercussion, lost work and income, dependence on toxic prescription drugs, loss of health freedom, shortened life span, suffering of animal life, unnecessary consumption of water to raise feed for live stock, primary use of grain to feed livestock while millions starve, use of toxic chemicals on GMO crops and unnecessary destruction to the planet and those living on it. Long term, it is essential to be committed to use money and resources to support what is life giving not life taking. If I do not live at my highest level how can I imagine or expect others to seek their best way of being human? Collectively, we have the capacity to create a healthy, global society, minimize disease and pain and the suffering of animals now used as a food source.

We can change the trajectory of our polluted waterways and oceans so that water animals thrive. These changes can do much to quell human starvation. Short-cutting the conscious caring and restoration of our earth and continuing to dose it daily with poison to deter insects and crop disease adds to the destruction of our own gut biome as we continue to destroy the natural biome of the soil. Consuming animal flesh and products stresses the earth and the human body/spirit. We are called to honor the essential and integral cycles of life intended to sustain and evolve the human and collective soul. Shortcuts are a cost to all of life. I have made multiple life changes to incorporate the Hippocrates Lifestyle into my life. The most fun and rewarding has been learning how to successful grow luscious trays of vibrant wheatgrass and sunflower sprouts on a daily basis.

I am a plant man so integrating this into my life has been a natural and rewarding process. Juicing and snacking on sunflower sprouts has replaced many unhealthy snacks while providing me nutrient dense energy for life. I have incorporated rebounding into my exercise along with some yoga and some sauna when available. I have regular massages and have a serious, regular mediation practice. I definitely have more joy and energy and a confident heart in this time of global challenge. I have definitely substituted healthier dietary options; eating fermented foods and adding them to guacamole and salads, eating sprout salad and adding them to wrap, eating healthy plant-based fats like olives, coconut and avocado, adhering to food combining rules (which I never knew existed), minimizing my intake of nuts and seeds and moving on from cashews as a nut source. I appreciate the benefits of herbs and spices not just for their flavors but their antioxidants and phytonutrients. I consider the color of foods in relationship to the specific antioxidants their color indicate are present.

Eating is an entirely new ball game with my goals now focused on life support rather than eating empty calories for pleasure. I am able to discern and make healthy, conscious food choices and help others do the same. My practices and my personal lifestyle do impact the healthcare system. I have not been sick or needed medical attention in the two years I have participated in the program. Though I carry health insurance it has not been needed. My personal health care system is growing and eating macro and micro nutrients and eating organic foods that are most nutrient dense. My morning drink always include fresh dandelion greens and sprouts. Daily wheat grass supplies chlorophyll, as well as Vitamins A, B C E. And K along with HOPE and complete protein to my body. Our guests are always offered opportunities to share our lifestyle and hosting meet ups give more opportunity to share. We have seen resistance to living the raw food lifestyle soften into acceptance and even engagement from friends and family members who witness the benefits we exhibit. My personal contribute to improve the health of this planet includes, though is not limited to, growing as much of my own organic food as possible, composting our organic vegan scraps and juice pulp, adding organic matter back into the soil, avoiding all harmful chemicals on our landscapes, using grey water from our recent laundry to landscape system built to water four fruit trees and decorative landscape, using nonharming detergents for laundry and all cleaning needs, and never purchasing or consuming meat or dairy products, GMOs, processed or non-organic produce.

Eating locally grown fresh food supports local independent farming. Purchasing non-harming household cleaners, hosting raw food pot lucks outdoors during Covid, sharing raw food recipes and practices with others, helping family members obtain healthy planetary practices, conserving resources and energy, recycling everything possible and pursuing my own dreams to establishing a thriving healthy life style coach business are all personal contributions. Our gifts to our children are most frequently health conscious gifts that have included devices for EMF protection and water filtration, vegetable spiralizers, Vitamix Blenders and products they don’t even realize they need until they further wakeup. To be more authentic and honest in my communication to me means to speak from my heart and my deepest passions as well as to be sensitive and listen carefully to enable me to understand the ideas and needs of others. Authentically listening also allows me to know where another is in their process of personal growth.

Role modeling, walking this walk and living its benefits are strong, authentic forms of communicating my mission and its benefits and values. I hold this lifestyle as sacred and truly wish to speak it, live it and teach it. Staying in a place of non-judgment allows my message to be received as this creates a safe container for others to listen with an open mind. Pacing ideas that challenge the current beliefs of others also allow others time to integrate and consider the authentic truth I try to bring them. I will continue to pursue the virtues of truth and honesty while acting as a harbinger of this new operating manual for spaceship earth. Living and speaking with an alignment of heart and mind creates resonance and can help connect me to a higher self and oneness that includes minds and hearts of others. I have discovered the following practices have made the biggest differences to live my best life.

Meditation has been at the center of discovering a better me. Being lead to live the Hippocrates lifestyle, especially growing and juicing wheat grass and adding predominately organic living food to my diet, has had a primary impact. Sprouting nuts and seeds to enhance their digestibility and absorbability produces a satiation and sustained energy source. The practice of helping and giving to others continues to inspire me and gives back to me in unimagined ways. The joy of being in my own garden and growing so many beautiful, happy leaves, fruits, roots and flowers to eat really impacts my body and spirt as I plan and look forward to each season and its special gifts. Finding and developing tasty raw recipes and sharing and swapping them with a community of likeminded souls and those open to making change is a game changer. My current exercise regime includes all five types of exercise needed for resilience—resistance, aerobic, anaerobic, stretching and rebounding . I walk, climb, stretch, and lift heavy items, full water buckets, plants, soil, etc. on my job doing interior plant maintenance. Outside of work time, I supplement with pushups, rebounding bi-weekly with a five year-old pro, weekend hiking, beach walking, pull ups, digging, biking, occasional tennis, home landscaping and even dancing and creating music. I am a Rockin’ Vegan! I incorporate Aerobic exercise to deliver oxygen and enhance the capacity of muscles to process it. I maintain and build strength with the resistance training of weight lifting, push ups and pull ups. Anaerobics once a week is often running up multiple floors of stairs in the office building of my clients. My stretching assure full ranges of motions and flexibility adding yoga for the needed flow of energy and breath and union of self while working my immune system.

My mentoring plan is currently underway with a Facebook and Instagram site dedicated to “Rockin’ Vegan”. Rockin’ Vegan LLC. I am working to create a matching website, with plans to post weekly information, recipes, and food demo clips while marketing my consulting skills. I have sent one client to Hippocrates for a three week session and spread the word in my raw food meet up groups, extended family gatherings, men’s group and FSD classes. Staying healthy in times that create high levels of stress and challenge our immune system with the constant sterilizations and mask mandates gives me opportunity to offer safe antidotes to the afore mentioned conundrums. I surmise that I will need to enlighten 100 people a year for the next 10 years to reach my 1 million outreach goal. I definitely find this achievable and a rewarding way to spend my next years.

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