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26 Apr 2023
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Jens Albrecht Hippocrates Online Program

I took the online program, because I am a health practitioner, who is already working with lifestyle changes with his patients for some years. I as well am trying to dive deeper into the topic personally, as I am usually only advising my patients to do things that I have tried myself and that I have experience and trust in.

So my true belief is that changing the way you eat and live is the best key to health, as well as the treatment with the least cost and the most positive side effects. So why not do it then?


Impact on my life:

Physically– when I am following a vegan diet to around 70% raw,  my left knee has ceased to hurt. Since I changed my lifestyle 4 years ago, I don’t have pain anymore after playing basketball, squash or other sports. My endurance is like that of some 20 year old guys and usually I don’t get hurt doing sports. As I am 46 years old I can clearly see the difference to people my age and under.


Family- as my family follows some parts of my protocols, like green juice, wheatgrass juice and a lot of raw veggies, my kids and wife are usually healthy, they know they can avoid doctor checkups, but this was like this already before, as I am treating all conditions myself.

Sometimes people ask what I am feeding my oldest son, that he is so fast and good at sports, when I tell them, they stop asking..


Mentally, spiritually, emotionally- I can not feel a great difference yet, but I feel a greater need to start meditating.


Beliefs according to food, that have changed-

  • That I am eating healthy enough already.
  • That food needs to be tasty.
  • That cooked but vegan food is healthy.
  • That eating fish is a good alternative to meat.
  • That eating organic food imported from far away keeps you healthy .
  • That fruit is healthy.
  • Through HW lectures I have understood more of the reasons why to do or not to do certain things, which is important to make a change.


The costs of an unhealthy lifestyle-  because of my profession I am aware of the cost of a poor lifestyle, for that reason I founded my first food coop in Germany in order to be able to buy organic produce in my early twenties, so for more than 20 years I bought food and household articles in organic quality, although for much of this time I didn’t have much money, as well after I founded a family, but going organic always was one of the things I didn’t want to stop and I had arguments about it with my wife, when money was short!

The thing, that I always thought is unjust was, that although I destroy earth less, I also have to suffer from climate change, plastic waste, chemicals all over etc. but nevertheless it’s worth making a difference.

Steps to incorporate healthy change-

  • I grow wheatgrass, sunflower greens, buckwheat regularly and as well I am preparing other sprouts like, green beans, radish, alfalfa, broccoli, fenugreek, etc. to use as a food.
  • we drink every morning lemon water, green juice and wheatgrass juice.
  • I usually fast until 12am and one day I fast until dinner, so 24hrs., that day I do as well implants to clean the colon.
  • I intensified my yoga practice.
  • log my water intake, we use a water filter, as we live in Laos, where water quality is bad anyway, but I will probably start distilling water soon.
  • I try to realize new recipes like for raw bread or new dips.
  • I stopped eating butter etc. 
  • Many changes, little by little and there will be more…


Risks and costs to my health, my relatives and the healthcare system without the program-

I have a personal sensor, that indicates, when I am not being strict with my diet, my left knee. It starts to hurt, which gives me problems playing sports or doing more advanced yoga. I also feel, when I am drinking alcohol, even one beer makes me feel less well the next day. Altogether I have seen all these sick patients in my practice in Germany, seeing many doctors and no big change in sight. That’s why I decided I wanted to be healthy, without spending time in nursing homes and being able to live and enjoy my life until my end. 

Besides, I have an appointment with my son, to go running together, when he is 100 years old and I will be 134 then. 

The negative impact of all these people on medicines, that are sick though, on the healthcare system is incredibly high. 

And the outcome of poor lifestyle I can see with my mother being overweight and unable even to cycle in flat areas, my mother in law having arthritis, my father having allergies and vitiligo and my father in law as an ex-drinker and smoker having survived 2 cancers already. And all of them are not severe cases yet! They still live their lives on their own, being happy. 

But they could be in a much better shape, trying to do more of the things we discuss together. Nevertheless my personal example and help to them has also changed their lives a lot and saved their overall health many times.

If I imagine how cheap treatments in my practice are, compared to normal medicine, then it’s a miracle, why doesn’t society doesn’t ask for more? Instead they consider my profession witches or charlatans in Germany, at least in the mass media, while many people only find help though alternative medicine. 


My steps to contribute to planetary health-


I need to be 100% raw vegan and then I can influence more people to do the same.

I can buy more organic clothes and still use less resources traveling. Maximize self-grown food from within the house would help a lot.

And to change my own state of mind to a more peaceful and forgiving person would also help to make the world a better place.

On the other hand I am vegan for 5 years, I buy organic for 25 years, I try to buy organic and used clothes and other things for everyday life. I use my bike a lot. I feel that I have done much more than many other people I know, to save the basis for humans on this earth.

But more is possible.


Authentic and honest communication-


I always try to be honest with my clients, friends and family. That includes to admit, when I don’t know and be clear about the things we are discussing. 

To be even more honest I think one has to be in peace with himself and clear for him/ herself, where to go, how to live etc.

To find more clarity for myself would help me to even communicate better and more authentic.


Best practices to change my life so far-

  • Eat more raw self-grown food.
  • Fasting with green juice.
  • Juicing.
  • Do more Yoga and sport.
  • Drink more water.
  • Thinking about how to have a positive impact in life in everything I do (earning money, eating, traveling, raising kids)
  • I have yet to explore the spiritual side to it all.


My daily exercise-

  • Monday and Wednesday 1 hr 15 min Yoga practice.
  • Monday and Thursday, 2 hours ultimate Frisbee.
  • 1 to 2 times a week squash games.
  • Sometimes climbing, biking, swimming, basketball and doing pullups, pushups and workouts at home.


Being a mentor-

As a healthcare practitioner all the new knowledge is being implemented with my new clients always. Especially working in Laos with many things I have learned previously like doing infusions, having access to laboratories and certain kinds of alternative medicines not at hand, the lifestyle change is one thing that can be done.


I think about taking the coaching course as well and hopefully going once to Florida to have the full feeling of how it can be, and to see the impact on other people changing their lifestyle.

I would like to change my working perspective much more to coaching people by changing their behavior than to “make” them healthy again, which often doesn’t work anyway, which frustrated me already in my practice. It’s probably one of the reasons to take this course, to gather knowledge and experience to change my work as well.


On the way I mentor everybody that I meet that are interested in the topic, or in the case of my family, they become integrated more or less to the changes as I am buying and preparing all food anyway! And then we talk about it, try new things, see the impact and learn from it.

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