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10 Oct 2023
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My Journey

Hi I’m Lynn Parry-Jones and I am in my 60th year (note I didn’t say 60 years OLD). I have been in the natural health and fitness industry for nearly 30 years. I am a Personal Fitness Trainer, Diet & Nutrition Advisor and Aromatherapy/Swedish massage therapist. I have been a vegetarian since 1992 and since studying with HW I have become a vegan. In 2019 I qualified in Raw Chef Mastery. I followed a path of continued education that taught the standard food pyramid at college and University but did not continue with either course as the teachings did not run alongside my ‘truths’. Many of the lecturers were not exactly pictures of health so I knew this approach was not working and there must be something else out there.

In 2005 I had a complete nervous breakdown following the loss of two loved ones. This resulted in reactive depression and anxiety. I asked to be hospitalised thinking that this would make me better. I was prescribed many different drugs which failed to work and I was sectioned as I was suicidal. Whilst in and out of hospital for 18 months, I read and read and had many private blood tests with Genova and discovered that my adrenals were completely flat lined. This was why the drugs made my anxiety worse; they just coursed through my bloodstream and were not being delivered into my cells. My thyroid was obviously thrown out of balance and I dropped to around 6.5 stone as I became Hyperthyroid. I also refused a treatment to nuke my thyroid with radioactive iodine. Following a prescription of Lithium I become Hypothyroid and my weight climbed to 13.5 stone. The Doctors threw the drug book at me and not once did they look at other areas of my body for the answer. Nothing examined below the neck. They were against my health quest and labelled me as mental hypochondriac who was obsessed with her health.  Thank God I had the foresight and the knowledge to seek out an Endocrinologist who agreed to treat me with Hydrocortisone and natural thyroid.  Within two weeks I felt myself coming back. I then had to endure a long withdrawal period from Benzodiazepines and SSRIs.

During my research I discovered Infra Red saunas and used one to release the drugs from my fat cells. I am sure I could taste the drugs in my sweat and I also had many anxiety rushes as the drugs were released into my bloodstream. It was one hell of a journey but I did it, and still today in 2021 I am proud of myself.

Into the Light

Following this life changing and affirming episode in my life, which although it was hard, it was the making of me and I don’t look back at it as a bad shaped me. I now ask prospective clients on a scale of 1 – 10 how much they want results and try to establish their commitment levels. I choose not to work with clients who don’t gift themselves with the power of commitment and then complain that this is too hard and they can’t do it. Working with clients who are not committed results in both parties being disappointed. In order to progress with anything in life you have to overload and take yourself out of your comfort zone. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of madness!

Hello Hippocrates

During my research on rebuilding my mind and body, I discovered Brian Clement. I attended a lecture in London given by Brian. From that day forward I knew this was the lifestyle I wanted to live and it was the answer I had been looking for. I watched BC on YouTube, read his books and totally immersed myself in the Hippocrates lifestyle as much as finances and time would allow. 

In 2019 my Mum unfortunately was given a diagnosis of Stage 4 Ovarian cancer and I knew I had some tools to help her.  During a conversation with a family member while I outlined what we could do...he said to me ‘Why are you not teaching this? This was the light bulb moment and I looked at the website and by chance you had a special offer price for the online course. I signed up in April 2020. I feel like I had come home and when Brian said ‘Welcome to the Hippocrates family’ I had a lump in my throat. I am now living the HW lifestyle and feel powerful and resilient that in my 60th year I have no worries about all those accepted ailments of decrepitude. I am much more concerned about my cellular and metabolic age than my chronological age. I have a saying....Aging is a disease not a destination

Doing it!

Living the HW lifestyle has impacted my life in so many positive ways and it is a journey of learning and discovery. I won’t say it is an easy transition but the way I feel on a daily basis keeps me going. You need to be determined and organised and say goodbye to old habits whilst making new ones. My life, especially in the morning, is run with military precision. 

I was born above my Grandmothers sweet shop so I have a sweet tooth. I have never had an appetite for candy bars but cutting back on fruit has been hard. I now have low sugar fruits such as apples and berries and have developed a satisfying desert with frozen courgettes and parsnips which hits the sweet spot. I also have an ongoing battle with giving up caffeine. I only have one cup of English breakfast tea in the morning with oat mylk and stevia but swopping this out with an unbleached water decaffeinated tea is hard. It is amazing how just cutting out one cup of caffeinated beverage can make you feel. I felt tired and had quite a low mood. I have also used a water distiller for many years and I agree with Brian when he says that this is cheapest way to get pure water but it does have acquired taste so I add peppermint or hibiscus flowers.  I have never been a big drinker but I now have no alcohol at all. My friends and family are now used to this. When you give up alcohol it seems others have more of a problem with it than you do as it is such a socially acceptable drug. 

I grow micro greens on quite a large scale in my kitchen along with sprouts and Wheatgrass. I do the Wheatgrass dance every morning. I don’t think I will ever like it. My dogs are also raw and they have micro greens, algae and sea vegetables in their food too. Following the instructions in the gardening module I now have three raised beds which provide me with regular greens for my juices and salads. Something that Victor Kulvinskas said in a lecture sticks in my mind...that supermarket greens are just a plate of old vegetables. I would say that around 75% of my plate is made up of raw living food and I vary on a daily basis from 80% to 100% raw. 

Following Brian’s advice and after reading the book Supplements Exposed, I supplement with systemic and digestive enzymes, chlorella, spirulina and E3 live. I take Premier Magnesium and Acerola powder to replace electrolytes lost whilst sweating in my infra red sauna. Any other supplements that I may introduce will now always be food state.  Every day I try to rebound and practice yoga with breathing exercises. Before I sauna every morning I dry skin brush and whilst in the sauna I use a strigal to clean my skin. I also like to do the thymus thump, stimulate the lymph sites under my arms and gently tap and massage my adrenal area.  When the gyms reopen here in the UK after lock down I will begin my weight training 5 days a week. I am fortunate to live in the middle of a park so the permits I walk around the park barefoot. I also have a monthly colonic irrigation followed with a wheatgrass and probiotic implant.

I like to work with my circadian rhythm as much as possible retiring early to rise early.  I love going to bed and I look forward to the new day with childish excitement. Life now feels full of possibilities. This lifestyle has given me clarity and a feeling of satisfaction that I have never had before. Yoga has helped me develop spiritually and being a vegan has increased my compassion, but also my sadness about the cruelty inflicted on animals just to fill our bellies. I practice fasting and stop eating around 8pm and don’t eat until maybe 12 or 2pm the next day.  Not having breakfast is now easy for me and I don’t miss it. I find that it is better to exercise fasted as my energy levels are higher and my mind is sharper. But more importantly my visceral fat has dropped so I am no longer skinny fat. My sclera in my eyes is bright white and I am sure that the colour of my eyes is lighter by a shade or two. My hair and nails are both strong and my skin glows. I look and feel younger than my 60 years but maybe this is how 60 is meant to be? There is no written rule that says the later years of your life should be a slow decline into illness, waiting for the day when people you love have to wheel you about. It never ceases to amaze me how people write themselves off by phrases such as.....well at my age...or I am too old to do your life...give your mind and body the right fuel and enjoy!

Who is this strange woman?

My family, who are all meat eaters and some are smokers unfortunately, think I am a little odd.  My younger sister thinks I am a freak as I often break my fast with an avocado salad. I have had an ongoing battle trying to help my Mum with her Cancer but I keep hitting a brick wall. She still continues to eat the standard meat and two vegetables which are standard fare here in the UK. I attended all the consults at the Cancer Hospital with her, and witnessed a nurse delivering my Mum’s consultant his lunch which consisted of a can of diet Coke and a packet of potato chips! They suggested she see a Dietician, she refused but they insisted. Whilst waiting outside, I said to Mum I bet this lady is overweight, and my prediction was right. They prescribed build up drinks and the second ingredient was sugar. I took them home tipped them down the sink and replaced them with freshly made nut mylks everyday without my Mums knowledge.  She said ‘these drinks are quite nice...try one! Unfortunately my family think the Doctors are gods and that what they say is gospel and there is the only way to deal with this diagnosis. I have resigned myself to the fact that there is little to nothing that I can do and we have to watch our Mum go through Chemo and as time goes on the cancer will win and we will lose her. This is why we have to spread the word about the HW lifestyle.

Little did I know!

I thought that after 30 years in the industry I had an excellent knowledge base. How wrong I was. With the HW lifestyle you learn every day, from simple to complex regimes and treatments to improve your health and increase longevity. The power of food never fails to amaze me. My beliefs or ‘truths’ as I prefer to call them have strengthened and it’s wonderful to know that you are doing the best for yourself and ultimately the planet.

The Future

At the start of the programme I disregarded training as a Mentor and to be honest I didn’t really understand what it meant. But working through the modules, especially those covering climate change, I realised that mentoring is more than changing just one persons way of’s like a ripple effect.  Humans are destroying the planet and every one of us has a part to play. I actually think that the planet will survive but nature is trying to rid itself of its Changing to a plant based diet may be too hard for some but just the little things such as using recycled toilet paper and using non toxic cleaning products may be a start. It’s a mentor’s job to guide and assist the mentee to embrace change. I could incorporate my knowledge as a Raw Chef and fitness professional whilst coaching and mentoring the HW lifestyle. 

Summary & Findings

I am aware that I can become a little too preachy when I start talking about my passion, so I have to learn to listen rather than just deliver a sermon. I have a lot of knowledge and experience to share and I am committed to myself and looking forward to my ongoing transformation.

Thank you Hippocrates! 



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