Transitioning to the BEST Diet Choices

3 Jul 2019
Transitioning To The BEST Diet Choices
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Food is our fuel. You don't select your gasoline based on the color of your car. So too, choosing our life fuel should be based on what we know our body needs. We have all indulged in something that brings a smile to our face, from sight or thought alone. Drawn in with tempting aromas and devoured. Only to know that aching belly or extra trip to the lavatory was a result. Factors such as time, price, mood, upbringing, present company and even habit influence our meal choices. Many of us try healthier options presented, and may even notice differences or slight improvements in our health. Switching from soda-pop to V-8 juice is likely a step in the right direction, but its basically a trade from a can full of sugar and acid, for a bottle of salt and vegetables not suitable for sale whole.

We humans are a progressive race. Here in America, majority rules and the majority of us are not well. However, each one of us makes daily choices that will sustain us, to at least some degree. More and more of us are selecting greener options, buying organic, educating ourselves on how food gets from farm to table today and making informed, responsible choices. Food should make us feel good for more than a few moments and market trends support these advances in health and sustainability. As we elevate our standards of what fuels us, a new dimension of pleasure is achieved. The senses are still pleased with aroma, taste, texture and sight. Just knowing that the body is being fueled properly on a cellular level with food that only perpetuates good feelings, is a satisfaction that no guilty pleasure can fill.

Pure health lies in pure happiness and pure food.

Eat well, live well and be well.

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