The Fountain of Youth

31 Jul 2020
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Article by Augusta Malacarne

Juan Ponce de Leon’s life span was only 47 years but above average for people living in the 16th century. Legend has it that Juan, who had accompanied Cristobo Columbo on his 1493 voyage from Spain to Haiti, later sailed to Florida in search of the fountain of youth.  King Ferdinand of Spain, sponsor of the conquistador’s expedition was probably more interested in potential gold and silver discoveries. But Juan, it is said, had his heart set on something more valuable than gold.

Had Juan sailed to Florida 500 years later, he most assuredly would have enjoyed a much longer life even without locating that mystical, elusive eternal spring.  For we now, in 2020, live on the frontier of achieving a radically extended life span. The extension of life is closely associated with elimination of disease. And the breakthrough in Energy Medicine could be the equivalent of the discovery of the fountain of youth.

At the Hippocrates Wellness are assembled more than a dozen technologies that stimulate healing effortlessly while encouraging reverse aging. The secret is the emission of low frequency electromagnetic pulsations (PEMF) that energize the cells of the body at a microscopic level. Stimulation at the cellular level goes to the core of the body’s ability to heal itself and reverses the aging process. Targeting diseased areas, directly, with pulsations of specific frequencies in a relaxed, private surrounding has demonstrated remarkable, even immediate results. HHI has selected QRS -101, (an invention of Swiss and German doctors and scientists) as the optimum treatment supporting the core Hippocrates nutrition and detoxification program. 

500 years ago, Ponce de Leon had no idea that electricity even existed. Nor did Juan know that birds navigate in thousand mile migrations using magnetic based receptors in their beaks, flying according to the Earth’s geomagnetic field. But the human quest, as Juan’s,  for longer life, disease free, is eternal. 

The Earth is alive with electromagnetic and other vibratory frequencies and the human body, itself, functions on electro-magnetic energy. We are familiar with the profound effect of electromagnetic frequency emissions (EMF) on the human body. Power lines, electrical equipment as well as higher frequency radiation from radio and microwave appliances, cellphones, Wi-Fi, smart meters, baby monitors, blue tooth and now the infamous 5G fill our environment with electro-smog.

The effect of manmade EMF radiation creates chronic stress, free radicals, oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. EMF drains bones of calcium resulting in excess intracellular calcium accumulation. These effects result in damage to the DNA , leakage of the blood brain barrier, leaky gut, loss of fertility, various cancers, sleeping disorders and heart and neurological disease. What this phenomenon really tells us is that the root cause of disease, aging and the immune breakdown could be the disruption of electromagnetic frequencies and the subsequent de-energizing at the cellular level. This might explain the extraordinary results of the QRS Energy Medicine therapy. 

QRS targets the specific cells in disrepair and energizes them with low intensity emissions, which mimics the natural frequencies of the brain, heart and other key organs, combining these frequencies into patented wave forms. These wave forms energize the batteries of the cells, the mitochondria, measurably raising the voltage of the cells, producing more ATP and expelling free radicals.

When cells have increased energy they absorb nutrients more effectively and healing accelerates. Energizing the cells also boosts immunity enormously, defending the body from infection of any kind.

This is especially timely given the present concern about viral infection

Most disease originates with a decrease in energy at the cellular level. This explains why the QRS treatment can prevent an onset of disease, reduce pain, counter inflammation, oxidative stress and calcifications. It reduces the effects of electro smog and EMF exposure. Oprah Winfrey’s favorite doctor, Dr. Oz on his television show, featured QRS calling it “the revolutionary cure for pain”.

Healing of any disease requires an increase in cellular energy. QRS provides that deep energy increase effortlessly. In addition, it relaxes the body into a parasympathetic state, the natural state of healing. When measured at the cell membrane, the cells of a child have voltage of about 90 millivolts. This means a child heals faster, absorbs nutrients faster and expels toxins faster. As the human body ages, the power of the cells reduces, causing aging and opening the system to disease. QRS can raise the voltage level of the body’s cells to that of a youth.

Physicians have used PEMF for years for post-surgical healing. They are now discovering that the deep healing pulsations of QRS therapy can have a major salutary effect on many diseased systems. QRS, in addition, can convert shallow sleep to deep sleep, the secret to reverse aging. The QRS technology can heal at the cellular level where other remedies can’t reach.

Magnetic therapy has come a long way from the days when a magnetic pad was placed on a bed before sleep.

The current technology consists of a comfortable full-body mat which emits pulsations at the exact personal frequency required. Sessions can be 8 to 30 minutes long and can be administered multiple times a day. Affordable, portable QRS home systems are available for purchase. After the full body mat system, a pulsating Pillow Applicator is used to treat areas of specific pain and inflammation. This is one feature Mike Lindell’s “My Pillow” does not have!

These treatments have resulted in strong improvement in blood circulation, oxygenation uptake of nutrients, relaxation and improved nerve function. QRS also rejuvenates hair, skin and damaged tissues.

Additional QRS applicators include an Eye Applicator that applies PEMF vibrations directly on the eyes improving vision and having a positive effect on eye related diseases. The QRS Pen Applicator is highly effective in treating local pain areas or when following acupuncture points in the body. It is often used by dentists to treat pain after dental work.

The QRS Ear Applicator, when used as a complementary treatment, has positive effects in reducing tinnitus.

Pioneers in Energy Medicine, Brain and Anna Maria Clement, co-directors of HHI, themselves enjoy sleeping on the QRS.

For those interested in the pursuit of longevity and the future of healing QRS 101( Quantron Resonance System) is a great place to start.

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