31 May 2012
Author: Hippocrates Wellness Team
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After this experience I knew that I needed to get off the drugs. A few months later, and much to my shock and dismay, I was diagnosed with a rare form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I had no symptoms and the cancer was found through a blood test. The doctor in Santa Fe who discovered the cancer told me that I should go to Hippocrates Wellness, as they were producing a great deal of success with cancer patients.

On the weekend of July 4th, 1998 I went to Hippocrates and within three days of being on the program, my asthma disappeared and it has been gone for over two years. I have been a loyal follower of the program and am very strict about following as much of the guidelines as possible. I arise each morning at 4:30 AM and am at the gym by 5:00 AM. I do aerobics, weights, and stretching. I go home and do my wheatgrass, make my juice and prepare my meals. I eat almost exclusively raw foods except for an occasional bag of baked tortilla chips or air-popped popcorn.

I am happy to say that my white blood cell count is normal for the first time in three years and that no symptoms of my cancer have yet appeared. My IGM (a blood test to show immune function) level is still higher than normal indicating that I still have a cancer in my body and am fighting it, but the count has been coming down. I feel better than I ever have and have an enormous amount of energy. From looking at me and from hearing how incredible I feel, no one would ever know that I am a cancer survivor. I owe my great state of health to the extraordinary program at Hippocrates. I feel so fortunate that I found you.

Vol 19 Issue 3 page 5

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