Superfoods: Algae, Seaweed, Sprouts

11 Nov 2018
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Blue-green Algae

There are various types of algae, but the most vital blue-green algae are harvested from Klamath Lake in Oregon. It’s simply an incredible food, perhaps unmatched on this earth. While providing more protein than almost any other food, it also contains virtually every trace mineral, essential fatty acids, and oxygen-rich chlorophyll.

It is best to take this food in its fresh frozen form (thawed, of course). As I have mentioned, algae is where it began. Plants and animals all spawned from it, which is why it is packed with as many rich and varied nutrients as it is. There is nothing like it when it comes to vitality. And because it contains plenty of protein and essential fatty acids, it’s a good way to ensure that the brain is receiving everything it needs.

Algae is often taken as a supplement. Like every supplement that I advocate, it is a whole food. But algae is unique in that it is both an incredibly powerful food and a supplement all at once. It is delicious as well, with a taste similar to a cross between wheatgrass and almond milk.


Although there are hundreds of varieties of seaweed, any seaweed that one can buy is excellent and should be a regular part of the diet. Like fresh-water algae, seaweed is one of the “original foods.” Their nutritional value lies in an abundance of protein, minerals, and oxygen. Kelp is particularly rich in chlorophyll. Raw-food chefs will be pleased to know that because of their natural glutamates many types of seaweed add a savory flavor to foods that cannot be found anywhere else.

There are several companies in Europe and North America that sell fresh seaweed. Gain constant access to them, and by all means take advantage of it. Health food stores usually carry a decent number of dried varieties that can be reconstituted with water. Buy from a company that dries their seaweed in the sun and not an oven, as this preserves enzymes and vitamins in the plant.


Sprouts are the staple food for someone on a raw-food diet. Because they are newly emerged from the seed they contain many unique nutrients that are not found in a fully-grown plant. Sunflower sprouts are the most nutritious, but greens from broccoli, peas, or any number of other seed foods are delicious, vital foods.

Basically, the seed of any plant can be sprouted, and experimenting with various seeds is an exciting and delicious way to discover new raw dishes. Though I have been eating raw food for the majority of my life, there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of delicious sprouts that I have yet to try. High-protein sprouts like sunflower are a good main course, while onion, garlic and fenugreek sprouts, all great blood cleansers, add unique flavor to whatever dish one is preparing. Their healing properties and nutritional superiority via phytochemicals (disease killers) make them universally the most important food to consume.

Sprouts are really the perfect food. When we eat them, we take in the vitality of the sun and the power that can turn a small seed into a towering sunflower. After a sprout-based meal, one feels a surge of energy. One truly experiences a “rush of life” from eating these miraculous foods.

By Brian Clement, PhD, LN

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