How Lifestyle Choices Influence Mental and Physical Wellbeing

10 Oct 2022
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When it comes to true healing, we must first embrace the 'whole' person, addressing the needs of the mind, body, and spirit in acceptance that they are all connected and that these essential aspects of 'being' influence our lifestyle choices.

So, how does your lifestyle affect your health and wellbeing?

Worldwide, millions of people follow an unhealthy lifestyle, attracting unwanted illness, disease, rapid aging, and chronic malnutrition into their lives. The connection between lifestyle and wellbeing is continually being researched, yet it is still profoundly misunderstood.

We are as we do. Every choice we make and action we take directly impacts our quality of life and the lives of those around us.

The Mischievous Mind - Meditation and Visualization

It has been said that the place we truly live is in our minds.
We are continually at odds between how we feel vs. the reality of how things really are. If we believe that nothing is how it seems or as the mind claims it to be, how can we know what's real?

Through mindfulness and meditation, we can observe our thoughts, detaching ourselves from all that arises to avoid 'becoming' any belief, fear, desire, or emotion. Through stillness and awareness, we can return to our natural state of a human 'being' rather than a human 'doing' - becoming a creator of circumstance rather than a victim of circumstance.

If energy follows thought, then surely we must keep our thoughts positive. Imagine if the universe manifested your thoughts; what would you think of? Would you perpetually visualize what you don't want or what you do want? When we raise our consciousness and clear away the clutter of the mind, we realize that there is nothing other than 'the self' and that anything is possible with a positive mindset and healthy lifestyle habits. You've just got to believe in yourself!

Glow With The Flow of Life - Movement

The mysterious mind is just one of the powerful influencers on our health and wellbeing.
The miraculous human body is designed to move, stretch, lift and flow. When we invite regular movement into our lives, we support its natural ability to self-cleanse, strengthening our hearts and lungs and prevent common diseases like diabetes. Physical activity stimulates our hard-working lymphatic systems, a vital part of our immune system, so it can carry toxins out of the body, fending off illness-causing invaders.

What if we told you that you could tap into the infinite energy of life? Everything in life must flow. When energy stagnates, it creates blockages, leading to metabolic diseases, hypertension, weight gain, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and joint and skeletal issues.

Exercises such as strength resistance training and yoga help us to build muscle, maintain flexibility and create a deeper awareness and understanding of our bodies.

Exercise To Feel Good

As well as being excellent for our physical health, exercise is also one of the most beneficial things you can do for your mind. Movement is linked to various psychological benefits due to its profound impact on the brain. Exercise makes us feel more confident in our bodies, more hopeful and grateful for the future, and forge a deeper connection with our primal selves. What's not to love?

Exercise also plays an integral role in fighting off depression, stress, and anxiety, offering a supportive role in preventing life-stunting neurological disorders.

So why does exercise make us feel good?

During exercise, the reward centers of our brain receive a welcomed jolt, creating mood-enhancing feelings of hope and joy.
Dancing in synchronicity with others can help form social bonds, making us feel more connected and combat loneliness.

Endorphins – Transmitters of Happiness

Mother Nature wants us to feel happy and healthy. Endorphins are neurotransmitters released by the brain to alleviate pain and promote pleasure. During exercise, our pituitary gland and hypothalamus produce these natural pain relievers and release them in response to stress or pain. Dopamine, noradrenalin, and serotonin are the three major monoamine neurotransmitters released through exercise - more commonly known as 'happiness molecules' or the 'feel-good chemicals' in our body.

To fully embrace health and vitality, we must align our lifestyle as closely as we can with nature.

Have you ever watched how a child moves, dances, laughs, and cries freely without a second thought? How they embrace the present moment and express themselves unapologetically without guilt or shame?
As we grow older, we adopt unhealthy habits that don't serve our higher self and optimal wellbeing, keeping the perpetual cycle of disease, rapid aging, and emotional unbalance in motion.

Everything we eat, drink or expose ourselves to ultimately becomes us. You could say that we become a product of our environment.

Express Yourself to Accept Yourself

Lifestyle habits don't need to continue being subconsciously linked with a feeling of nostalgia; the food our grandma made, sweets our parents gave us, birthday cake, or drinks with our friends. We truly crave a sense of 'belonging' and to feel part of something. We can love others without harming ourselves. We can join loved ones at the table without eating or thinking the same. We can come together, celebrate our differences and individuality, and become the energy we want to feel in the room.

Have you ever looked on in admiration at someone speaking their truth, being their authentic self, or simply dancing like nobody's watching? Herein lies the power of self-expression and spiritual freedom.

When we freely show our emotions and are in touch with ourselves, we feel a deeper connection with life and those around us, safe in the knowledge that when we express ourselves, we accept ourselves.

When you realize that you are enough, you open up your heart and mind to the true beauty and joy of life, transforming yourself into a state of balance - mentally, physically, and spiritually.


The Transformative, Healing Powers of Living Foods.

Food is medicine, helping us to grow through the regeneration of new healthy cells, to oxygenate the blood, and to flood our system with life-giving nutrients.

When we consume a natural diet abundant in raw, vegan, living foods, our vital energy can focus on self-healing rather than the overwhelming burden of indigestible non-living, enzyme-deficient foods.

Diet is the most significant factor in lifestyle. The body strives to function at its optimal force, but the foods we eat either fuel its digestive fire or diminish it to a mere flicker. A poor diet can lead to nutritional problems increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and life-threatening obesity.

Change your mindset to transform your life.

For over 60 years at Hippocrates Wellness, we have created science-backed, nutritional, and therapeutic protocols which guide you back into the healing arms of health and wellbeing, teaching you how to shift your habits and mindset to embrace the thriving lifestyle and longevity you deserve.

We at Hippocrates Wellness believe in achieving a balance between the mind, body, and soul. We have guided the transformation of hundreds and thousands of lives through teaching the power of positive, healthy lifestyle choices. Our globally-renowned 3-week Life Transformation Program activates and supports the body's ability to heal itself through an organic, raw, plant-based diet, mindfulness and exercise programs, ground-breaking lectures, and advanced, science-backed therapies.

All we need to thrive has been provided by Mother Nature, reinforcing that we are nature. When we harness the energetic life force all around us, it can work on eliminating emotional, environmental, and dietary toxins, preventing pain, preventable infections, inflammation, and the build-up of stored toxicity so our cells can restore and regenerate.

The Time is Now to Reclaim Your Health and Transform

If you saw someone banging their head against a brick wall, would you tell them to stop or to do it slower? If the standard, conventionally accepted diet and lifestyle served our health and wellbeing, our health systems wouldn't be so over-saturated with patients suffering life-threatening diseases and degenerative health. When we step away from the fundamental laws of nature, we step away from ourselves.

Take back control of your health and wellbeing today by adopting a balanced lifestyle abundant in raw, vegan, plant-based foods, exercise, sleep, mindfulness, and love!

Contact one of our wellbeing experts now to explore more ways to balance your lifestyle.


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