William Robison Hippocrates Lifestyle Online Program

2 Mar 2023
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William Robison Hippocrates Lifestyle Online Program

Never in the history of mankind have we been inundated by so much toxicity. Whether internally or externally, the air, water, food, and negativity being disseminated daily is wreaking havoc on our health. We need to eat healthy food, have a good attitude, think positive thoughts, love, and be loved, just to sustain our health and create homeostasis between our mind, body, and spirit. By taking responsibility as individuals for how we eat, think, and feel not only impacts us, but also the greater good of the planet. We are depleting resources for future generations. The HW lifestyle has impacted me in the following ways.                             

Mentally, I have more clarity than ever before in adopting the raw living food program. This plant-based, organic, raw, living food program is a supercharged healing program. My previous beliefs of how to maintain cognition and mental clarity were to build connections in the brain by challenging myself as much as I could mentally. But 90% of mental health is from the brain stem up not down. Exercise is vital to a healthy mind. We were meant to move. Since the brain is made mostly of fat the HW diet has all the EFAs necessary for proper brain function. These are foods high in electricity, water, enzymes, trace minerals, and EFAs all instrumental in optimum cellular communication. Having a strong mind is important to overall body health. Our thoughts have their chemical equivalent. Our immunity is constantly listening to our emotional dialog. Every cell in the body knows what we are thinking. Our thinking affects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually, hence the term holistic.  

Physically the HW program has impacted me immensely.  Being a former collegiate athlete, I have always kept my body fit by eating healthy and exercising. Also getting a Master Herbalist Diploma from the School of Natural Healing in 2001 opened my eyes to a holistic approach to health. But the HW program took me to another level of how I looked at my health. I have always had an affinity for the body's anatomy and how lifestyle impacts its health. The Hippocrates lifestyle has augmented my stamina and endurance. Adequate exercise and the proper food program can keep that youthful look physically. We need to age gracefully as nature intended. Aging is not a matter of chronology but is about the integrity of body tissues, enzyme levels, etc. Tom Brady, NFL superstar, is 46 years old and is competing with men in their low 20s. Mentally and physically the integrity of his body is much younger than his chronological age.                                           

Our body demands physical and nutritional needs. The sun makes us happy, increases immunity, provides the hormone D, helps absorb nutrients, and raises our frequency. The quality of oxygen, the greatest healer, is vital. The levels in cities have decreased from about 21% to 16%. The toxicity of the water caused me to distill my tap water for the last 25 years. We need to exercise for our physical as well as mental health. The foods we consume need life within. More raw foods need to be eaten. Cooking destroys life, electricity, and nutrients. Live foods sustain life and dead foods beget death. The body has to have adequate rest and sleep. This repairing and healing time is as important as the building anabolic state.

Emotional instability is a factor independent of the manifestation of illness. I have done a good job at leaving the past be the past. The decisions I made were the result of what I knew at that time and my level of education. I am not the same person as I have evolved. We can only change the things we can. Do not let those past experiences create emotional blockages or obstacles to prevent one from moving forward. These obstacles or negative emotions stored in the body can be released or transformed through diet, exercise, and psychological therapies. Movements help emotions to rise in the body to be processed.

Our body requires emotional and nutritional needs for optimum health. Security is one. We all want to feel safe. Acknowledgment, giving, and receiving, is another. I feel good when I receive something but extraordinary when I give. Honest communication is imperative for a relationship to last. We all need structure and intimacy.  Being joyful and happy is good medicine. The Hippocrates program provides therapies to achieve emotional health. 

Spiritual fulfillment is needed to achieve holistic health. I consider myself to be a spiritual person. I feel connected to God, nature, and the universe. Being part of a community and connected to others promotes longevity. I am working on this now as I feel secluded in the country with acreage. I love the connection to nature. The Blue Zones attest to being connected and longevity.     

It all starts with ourselves. Our authentic self is our spiritual self. Relaxation is who we are and who we think we should be creates tension. The quote” be yourself everybody else is taken” is one of my favorites. As individuals, we need self-worth, self-esteem, self-respect, and self-confidence. We need to be loved and loving to others.  Love those disorders out of your life. We need to be connected to something. Isolation is stress.  We are here for contribution and purpose not just collecting things. Having more than we need is a burden. We need as individuals to aspire and be passionate about what we love to do. If we have all of these attributes we will be fulfilled and happy. We just need to be connected and believe in something. Our body responds to our beliefs as if it is reality. Our perception of what we believe is our reality and that is how we live our life. If change our beliefs we can change our reality.  

I have lived a lifestyle of holistic healing since 1996. I have a holistic medicinal educational background. I am 68 years old and have evolved from the way I thought and ate about 30 years ago. So, I have had time to evolve as an individual. What I have learned from the Hippocrates lifestyle is the following. Healthy food may not be at the top of the list for health and longevity. Emotions, social interaction, spirituality, and the mental state of mind are independent factors in determining an illness or optimum health. The way we think and feel dictates which path we take either by investing in our wellness or subsidizing our illness. I learned years ago that genetics load the gun but lifestyle pulls the trigger. Genetics only plays about 2% to 5% in disorders. A formula I contrived was Gw + Be = Dis-ease. Genetic weakness plus body environment equals disease. We may have a weakness for disease but the environment we create within our body is a catalyst. When we have an aquarium full of fish and the fish do not seem to be healthy what do we do? We change the dirty water so we change the environment to promote health. Our intake, elimination, movement/circulation, lifestyle, emotions, spirit, and inherited constitution equal our level of health. The Hippocrates program went into more depth about how foods affect me on a cellular level, and food science. Healers healed people for thousands of years by observing the body and giving it what it needed to self-correct without the science. We have to scrutinize the science because of the agendas and profits to be made.   

Transforming a family to a HW lifestyle program is not an easy task. All we can do is be an example of health and then they might say “what are you doing you look healthy. Some may be able to transform quickly and others a step-by-step process. A commitment is needed for transformation. Transitional foods may be needed. Others may not want to change and even if science and education is presented to them it will not make a difference. In my experience, people will not change unless they want to, and seem to try to justify their lifestyle. I always thought the sign of intelligence is changing things when receiving new information. We need to be an example of health not only for our well-being but to be an inspiration to others to change to a HW program.   

Our healthcare system is broken. Modern medical care evolved as a drug-distribution arm of the pharmaceutical industry, not a profession concerned primarily with improving people's health. We have more obese and unhealthy people than ever before. Think about it! We are conditioned to think that pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides are a normalcy on food. The marketing of the dairy and meat industry teaches us that if we do not eat meat and consume dairy, we will fall apart from the lack of calcium and protein. Our refined, processed, and devitalized food plus sugar make us addicted. We have a fast-food restaurant on just about every corner. So, we take in all of these carcinogens and chemical-laden foods and then get sick and go to the orthodox doctors to give us more chemicals. Mainstream doctors contribute to over 500,000 iatrogenic illnesses per year. This is a time for an individual to do things more right just to sustain. I guess I have to mention vaccines are handed out like candy to take the place of our natural immunity. Everybody needs to understand and live a RESILIENT lifestyle. Healthcare costs would plummet. There are too many self-centered people making decisions about themselves only instead of promoting a better health care system and the planet. I do understand this comes with education. We need to disseminate the HW lifestyle.                           

The welfare of the planet is in trouble. We are stealing resources from future generations and destroying other species. We need leaders with a platform of influence to change things. We have to address immediately the impact that animal agriculture, climate destabilization, ocean devastation, and rainforest destruction have on the planet. Fresh water supplies are being reduced. There is air and water pollution, Soil erosion is a major factor. Livestock accounts for 45% of the land mass on the earth. We could eradicate world hunger by using that land for plant growth. 

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of water pollution in the U.S. It takes 100X the water to produce animal protein versus plant protein. By consuming meat, we also get the detrimental effects of physical and metaphysical toxins. Meat accounts for 51% of greenhouse gasses and more than all the world’s vehicles combined. Man believes he has dominion over the animals but it does not mean slaughtering them. I believe it means that humans have more brain power to make essential decisions for the greater good of the planet. Animals keep other animals in check. Man has taken the species' habitat. 

Climate destabilization and air pollution are impacted by black carbon, and soot, mostly from animal agriculture. We have rainforest destruction. We need trees but continue to remove them. 100,000 trees a day are brought down. We expect 80% of people by 2050 will be urban dwellers. The ocean is toxic, has dead zones, and has dumped plastics that plankton consume and promote transexual fish. Our ocean is also being overfished.

What can we do? Well, we can start by transforming to a vegan lifestyle. With a fraction of the land, we could feed everyone. Habitats, oceans, and rivers would come back, ecosystems would heal, wildlife could thrive, and humanity would be more loving, kindler, and gentler. Veganism would reset everything including our physiology. Other things we can do as individuals are to stop buying packaged food and to grow our own food (indoors and outdoors), buy second-hand items, and downsize, we live in a materialistic society so we need to acquire only what we need. We should use reusable bags and bottles, return the land to native vegetation, plant trees, recycle and use a bidet for water conservation.   

Exercising is imperative. Being a former collegiate athlete, I have exercised consistently my whole life. I know the importance of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, resistance training, and joint stretching and flexibility. I like natural movement. I have a fast metabolism and exercise accordingly. I am tall, thin, and strong so my routine should be different from someone short and stocky.  My weekly routine consists of yoga, rebounding, dumbbell weightlifting, walks, regular sex, and adequate rest and sleep needed for repair and healing. I am 68 years old and do not take any medications nor do I have any joint pain.

In conclusion, we need to evolve from our previous way of thinking. Our bodies are bioelectric and thoughts, emotions, environment, foods, sounds, and scents have frequencies. Electromagnetic frequency can heal disease. We need to heal our bodies electrically and not biologically. We have discovered the 4th phase of water. The discovery of epigenetics needs to be taught and disseminated. Science shows that genes do not express themselves but are controlled by factors outside the cells. In the book The Biology of Belief, it states “ it’s the environment stupid”.  The special interests keep us from the truth. My mission is to teach the lifestyle of eating plant-based, organic, raw, and living food and how it impacts us mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

There are significant benefits from growing sprouts as part of a healthy lifestyle. These benefits include complete nutrition, organic, nutrient-dense, fresh, easily digestible, accessible, economically feasible, ecologically impacted such as no deliveries from planes, trucking, etc., versatility, and requires little space and time to grow the sprouts. We have to recognize that we are solar cells and that all life comes from the sun. So, feast on sprouts, sea vegetables and algae. We need these superfoods because with all the non-foods being eaten, there is a lack of nourishment on a cellular level. But the nourishment cannot penetrate the cell unless the toxicity is removed. So, nourishing and cleansing is vital to health.

Mentoring and coaching are needed to assist their clients in removing the past traumatic emotional blockages being stored so they could be processed and eliminated. These people need someone to guide them and transform their vision into reality by removing any emotional blockages and promoting long-term development and growth. I must say it all starts with us as individuals to contribute, to connect, as everything is connected, for our own well-being and for the greater good of the planet. 


William B. Robison 


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