Are You Living Your Best Life?

2 Aug 2019
Are You Living Your Best Life?
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Come out of the rabbit hole. Be true to yourself and find your life’s purpose.


For most of us, life has become a circular vacuum that we jump into becoming fully engaged in the nothingness of everything. As time passes, this abnormal state becomes comfortable and we institutionalize that abnormality. This base standard literally becomes social norm and completely accepted nonsense. How is it that with all of the access we have to knowledge, we have chosen the lowest common denominator and even created a façade that it is truth? There is only one explanation for this fiasco phenomenon and that is the almost universal lack of core values that people possess today. Wanting to belong, without a contribution to offer, entices us to accept and embrace modern dogma that has little or nothing to do with important pillars of certainty. Although it is essential for all of us to share, commune, and relate, we never should arrive at the party without a gift.

What is your contribution? Have you ever thought about your greatest attribute? If this question perplexes you, the roadmap to find that self-realized gift is that which you love the most. Ironically, the most passionate thing you want to pursue is your contribution. This endowment is what you should happily share. Picturing this, it is almost as if you are a channel between the universe and all other life; being the pristine cascade that dispenses pure joy and elation so others rally along with you in sincerity. Your importance is unquestionable; you came to this world to leave behind something of value and there never should be a question as to whether or not you can fulfill this inherent obligation.

Coming out of the rabbit hole requires committed consciousness that propels infinite awareness and powerful conviction. As you emerge from the cyclical system of silliness, you will first feel alone and then eventually find others who live painlessly with happiness as their way.  All struggle comes from the disconnection we have from ourselves. There never is a problem that you face that cannot be resolved by you. As unpleasant as it may be to go through the process and challenge of change, you ultimately broaden your capacity and strengthen your values by doing so. Wishy-washy is not part of the authentic human's repertoire. Clarity, focus, and feverish enthusiasm are hallmarks all true participants share. Life never brings you sadness; it is how you process what you are experiencing that determines the outcome.  Time and again, I had the fortune to meet courageous people who heroically went against the grain and achieved greatness in spite of infinite obstacles placed in front of them. What differentiates these perceived gallant acts from the rest of the flock is the depth of self-realization that brought unbridled energy to conquer their dilemma.

Living in each and every one of out hearts is a fierce dragon of love. This enormous creature is your best friend and needs to be fed, rested, and exercised. All too often, it feels abandoned and left impotent to help you navigate a peaceful and fruitful life. Engage this cohort by embracing the power within and utilizing it to forge a new path to your destiny. Goals are for you to imagine and, more importantly, for you to achieve. Each time we reach and accomplish our pinnacle desires, we lay another step to our higher purpose. As you ascend to your true self, unfettered forces raise you up, allowing your pure persona to represent your reality. Be brave by being clear and able to accomplish this fearlessly.

The year 1956 manifested Ann Wigmore's vision in the form of the Hippocrates Wellness. We have continued to nurture her dream and mission statement, “Help people help themselves,” which organically produced innumerous healings. As our current team often states, “We help people love the disease right out of themselves.” For so many who are so loved, it is often still not enough to be able to accept themselves. When people do not have support, needless to say, it is even more difficult to find true inner acceptance.

Now in our seventh decade, we can clearly state that every person has the ability to transform their lives and take back themselves. This is not a miraculous process but rather a simple proposition. Becoming YOU is becoming whole. When becoming whole, all is there to empower your healing. Although food is central, and productive movement is required, it is self-realized self-respect that finally accomplishes the life you deserve to live. Recognizing your current reality and imagining your optimum state are your tickets to health, happiness, and healing.

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